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Archived Posts

Will You Know When the Market Peaks?

by Greg Morris

The first thing you must realize is that you won't know it is peaking until the decline is well underway.  Market tops are extremely difficult to identify.  That might seem hard to believe if you watch the financial media as those 'experts' are calling the top multiple times a day; like they have been doing for years.  And yes, they keep getting invited back.  With the art  Read More

Mid Year Update On Canadian Banks

by Greg Schnell

The Canadian banks have underperformed the $SPX so far this year. They have drifted lower since March but they have some interesting traits on the indicators pointing to an interesting time now. Two have yields of 3.65%, two have 3.83% and CIBC has 4.65%. First of all, BMO. The yield is 3.8% which is very big. I'll come back to the SCTR but the downslope in relative trend was broken this week...  Read More

Applied Optoelectronics Follows Other High SCTR Stocks Lower On Friday

by Tom Bowley

If you're someone that finds great investments among the high SCTR (StockCharts Technical Rank) stocks, you probably enjoy better than average returns most of the time.  However, Friday was not one of those times.  The NASDAQ 100, clearly the best performing index among our major indices in 2017, was trounced on Friday.  The technology sector (XLK)?  Again, the XLK is our  Read More

State Street (STT) Turns Up The Hill

by Greg Schnell

State Street (STT) turned up to new highs this week with a stronger consolidation pattern than the big banks have shown. State Street did not drop down to test the lows recently and still has not tested the 200 DMA which most of the bank stocks have been doing. The SCTR suggests this is resuming the up trend with the SCTR staying in strong territory. The stock shows above  Read More

DecisionPoint Weekly Wrap -- Record Highs, Then Reversal

by Carl Swenlin

Last week I wrote: ". . . the spike in S&P 500 New Highs makes me think that the market may be on the verge of another consolidation or correction that could last several weeks." I still think that outlook is viable, based upon this week's price action. The market formed a short flag the first four days of this week, and while price broke out of the trading range on Friday, the breakout...  Read More

Shorts Find TSLA Shocking

by Bruce Fraser

Tesla has just achieved a market capitalization that is larger than either Ford or General Motors. Currently Tesla manufactures just two different models (with a third on the way). How is it possible that Tesla has a valuation that exceeds these two Detroit behemoths? As a Wyckoffian I will tell you that I have no earthly idea. Could an analysis of the charts reveal the intentions of the large...  Read More

Face-boom! Techs Wreck, but Fins Win; Growth Trips as Value Rips (Sectors Rotate on a Dime)

by Tushar Chande

Facebook stock suffered an explosive decompression Friday, along with other mega cap tech stocks. But Financials stocks had a winning day as techs wrecked. Despite these gyrations, market internals improved due to new highs in the broader indexes such as Russell 2000 and NYSE Composite.  Here is how the market rotation looked like over the past week (see Chart 1): Energy, Financials,  Read More

DP News Bulletin: New Weekly PMO BUY Signal on $OEX

by Erin Heim

As the week closes, we did see one new signal change on the DecisionPoint Scoreboards that I wanted to point out. The S&P 100 (OEX) triggered a new PMO BUY signal on the weekly chart.  I wouldn't get overly excited given the PMO has flattened and is actually in danger of a whipsaw next week. Helpful DecisionPoint Links:  Read More