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Archived Posts

DecisionPoint Weekly Wrap -- Still Topping

by Carl Swenlin

During a holiday week we don't expect much action, and this week was no exception. The market has been grinding away in a narrow range since the beginning of June, and a rounded top has formed. A rounded top is bearish, but in this persistent bull market it may just be a trick of the light. The DecisionPoint Weekly Wrap presents an end-of-week assessment of the trend and condition  Read More

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by John Murphy

AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER ARE USUALLY WEAKER MONTHS... I've made references to seasonal patterns in some recent messages. I'm referring mainly to monthly seasonal patterns. Chart 1 plots the percent of months the S&P 500 closed higher over the last ten years. Average percentage gains (or losses) are shown near the bottom of each monthly bar. Although the chart covers  Read More

DP Bulletin: New IT PMO SELL Signal on NDX - ST Trend Model Neutrals for SPX and OEX

by Erin Heim

We have three new signals to report on the DecisionPoint Scoreboards and none of them are good. Momentum was already waning with PMO SELL signals coming in late June, but now we are seeing the destruction of upward price trends. Admittedly, the Short-Term Trend Model (STTM) is based on 5/20-EMA crossovers, so we will see a lot of whipsaw, especially if the market consolidates sideways...  Read More

7/7 - MarketWatchers LIVE Recap - ETF Focus - Agree or Disagree? - Earnings Spotlight

by Erin Heim

  Welcome to the recap of Friday's MarketWatchers LIVE show, your antidote for the CNBC lunchtime talking heads. Listen and watch a show devoted to technical analysis of the stock market with live market updates and symbols that are hot. Information abounds in our Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:00p - 1:30p shows, but we will give you a quick recap. Be sure and check out the  Read More

Charts I'm Stalking: Action Practice #18

by Gatis Roze

So, how did you stack up the equities of the Dow 30 based on Money Flow in Action Practice #17? The first question you should have asked yourself is "what is my personal investing timeframe?"  Clearly, a day trader would not analyze money flow the same as a position trader or as an intermediate-to-long term investor.  The second suggestion I would make is to revisit your own knowledge...  Read More

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Weekly Market Review & Outlook (w/ Video) - Analyzing the Correction Evidence

by Arthur Hill

.... Evidence for Market Correction Builds  .... Seasonality for Stocks versus Bonds  .... High-Low Percent Turns Negative  .... Selling Pressure Ticks Up  .... Correction Could be Starting for SPY  .... QQQ Extends Correction  .... Small-caps Continue to Struggle  .... Five of Nine Sectors in Corrective Mode  .... XLY and XLK Lead Correction  ...  Read More

Bears Grip Wall Street, Key Levels To Watch

by Tom Bowley

Special Announcement Greg Schnell and I will be co-hosting the latest StockCharts Outlook webinar tomorrow, July 8th at 11am EST.  Please join us as we discuss what went right and wrong during the first half of 2017 and where we see the market heading in the second half.  Have we topped?  Are the bears ready to turn the tables on the bulls and drive prices lower?...  Read More

Jim Cramer's Secret Stock Picking Method (With ScanCode)

by Tushar Chande

I was shocked, yes shocked, when the energetic Mr. Cramer revealed his secret stock selection method on CNBC.  Naturally, this was too good an opportunity not to code it immediately into the StockCharts scan engine.  However, you will run into the usual problems of running a  Read More

Commodities Countdown Video Recording 2017-07-06

by Greg Schnell

Here is a link to this week's Commodities Countdown Video Recording 2017-07-06. Also Tom Bowley and I will be hosting the Market Outlook live webinar Saturday, July 8th, 2017  at 11 AM ET. Click to register. Commodities Countdown With Greg Schnell 2017-07-06 from  Read More

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by John Murphy

GERMAN 10-YEAR BUND YIELD REACHES 18-MONTH HIGH ... The jump in European bond yields that started last Tuesday is continuing. A weak French auction of 30-year bonds caused bond prices in Europe to fall sharply which pushed yields higher. Ten-Year French and German yields jumped 10 and 9 basis points respectively. [UK bond yields climbed 5 basis points]. Chart 1 shows the 10-Year...  Read More

Healthcare Is Entering A New Period Of Relative Strength

by Tom Bowley

Bull markets are comprised of rotating sector strength and bullishness.  On a relative basis, healthcare (XLV) was a laggard during 2009 and 2010 before outperforming in a major way from 2011 through 2015.  The sector saw relative weakness for nearly two years beginning in mid-2015, but has now resumed its relative strength.  In fact, I believe the breakout above relative  Read More

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Homebuilders March Higher - Customizing CandleGlance - Plus 2 Housing Stocks, 3 Biotechs, 3 Cyber Security Plays and 3 for the Road

by Arthur Hill

.... Home Builders Continue to March Higher .... Customize your CandleGlance Charts .... Caesarstone and USG May Play Catchup .... High and Tight Flags for Two Biotechs (AMGN, GILD) .... 3 Cyber Security Stocks (PANW, FTNT, PFPT) .... Three Charts for the Road (DOX, WEN, VLKAY) The Home Construction iShares (ITB) is one of the strongest industry group ETFs this year with a 52-week high earlier...  Read More

Technology Rebounds, Crude Oil Plunges

by Tom Bowley

Market Recap for Wednesday, July 5, 2017 Crude oil prices ($WTIC) tumbled on Wednesday and that put an abrupt end to the recent strength in energy shares (XLE, -2.03%).  It's also one reason why I need to see the XLE downtrend end before I'd grow more bullish the sector on a relative basis.  Take a look: There are two issues above.  First, the XLE needs to clear...  Read More