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1/1 POLA - Daily Candlesticks, 700

3/25 Great weekend all, get out; take a walk or ride a bike.
3/25 It is conceivable this VIX spike could go as high as 45! Since 2007 it has spiked much higher than that on many occasions.
3/25 Next week we watch the TRAN very closely, it is breaking down...stay on top of UVXY, this could be a big trade. Still in and building a position.
3/25 This is why the stock market has months yet to top out; has to do with INDU/GOLD ratio; will talk more on Monday about this. This also will call market top!
3/26 Brainstorming over the weekend and need to work even harder on the model for this site, simple to use; easy to follow; more trading ideas with price, time, stop data; better organized, time saving; different then every other trading site.....need to get around how to arrange it. In past few weeks have been working on getting technical setups on charts to flow better from chart to chart, same setups; that kind of thing. Perhaps using better color across technicals; Red bearish technical or buy price; green bullish technical sell price, gold when a price tags or technical level hit - Ideas please contact me; feedback is important.

1/2 POLA - Daily Invisible, 1600

2/27 That said why have you not talked about the 86 year Sovereign Debt cycle that is forecasting a Great Depression for 2017. M. Armstrongs models predicited this long ago and he is like me, models rule!
3/01 Inflation highest since 2012, PCE matches the highest year-over-year level since October 2012.The PCE index is the preferred tool for the Federal Reserve to measure inflation. The rate of inflation is now close to the Fed?s 2% long-term target, and if it keeps moving higher, the central bank could raise interest rates more aggressively.
3/03 Energy Producers XOP, BP, for example, recently admitted that its finances will not breakeven unless oil trades at roughly $60 per barrel.
3/18 Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, I serve on the Board of Directors of a large Singapore-based company that?s in the gold and silver business. And, last night during our quarterly conference call, the management team gave me a lot of intriguing information.Sales of physical gold and silver are collapsing across the entire industry. A t the US Mint, for example, sales of US Eagle gold coins fell by 67% between February 2016 versus February 2017. And sales of US Eagle silver coins are down 75% over the same period.
The one conundrum is that this trend does NOT correlate with the price of gold. In US dollar terms, the gold price is up 16% since the beginning of 2016. The paper price is rising, but physical demand is falling
03/20 What is a parabola http://www.horntorus.com/illustration/standard_horntorus_rotation.gif **it is found in all the structures of life, it is the universe and all that it contains.

1/2Japanese Yen - Philadelphia ($XJY)

3/23 The triple top could work but if we tag that price above; sell the kids; sell the house; sell the car; sell the wife and bet it all on triple short gold!

1/3 $SPX:$VIX - Monthly Solid Line, 1024

-Between January and September 1994, the U.S. 30-year long bonds yield jumped more than 150 basis points to 7.75%. The proximate trigger was a Federal Reserve rate hike as it started to tighten policy following recovery from the 1991 recession.
- In 2001, Fed funds began the year at 6.50% and were then slashed to only 1.00% by June 2003. The Fed didn't take its first baby-step increase until June 2004, after several years of double-digit mortgage Credit growth and a mortgage finance Bubble that had gathered powerful momentum.
-The current remarkable cycle has brought new meaning to the phrase 'Behind the Curve.' Rates were cut from 5.25% starting back in September 2007. By December 2008 they had been slashed to zero (to 25bps), with the DJIA ending the year at 8,876. Now, with the DJIA at 21,000, Fed funds sit today at only 0.75%.
-2017 If inflationary forces have finally gathered self-reinforcing momentum, dillydallying several years to get Fed funds up to three or four percent is not going to cut it.
-Find it interesting this chart; every crash started with a top out of this parabola 1994/2000/2007/2017
-Have many chart studies that will show when the crash could occur waiting in reserve; when ready will post as needed. Many 3x short ETFs on our site; this is why.
-Note the symmetry and magic in this chart study; it is my original work; very proud of this creation; a work of art like a Monet! West
3/26 This chart saying total top not in; thinking May/June - timed with GOLD low. And as you can see above it will be driven by Fed Funds; Interest Rates. INFLATION and that drives gold.

1/3 $WTIC - Weekly Candlesticks, 900

1/3 Dow Jones Transportation Average ($TRAN)

3/22 This parabola floor goes the markets crash, I am not joking! The weekly TRIX has rolled over to bearish as well! West

1/3 Dow Jones Utility Average ($UTIL) 2

A Westpacific original chart study.....now you tell me we are not headed toward a cliff! On the next page added this same chart, but 3 years to time the top. Note price 275.
3/24 Added cycle lines; note every top out on cue; except this one; very dangerous as this could crash at anytime....

1/3 Market Confidence

1/3 S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX)

3/14 New Model for finish of the bull case, based off data created by Ed Carlson, 2700 target based off FIB. Break of the red 125 SMA is first sign of a crack, note TSI is flashing warning signs! If we do continue higher it is truly a 'BLOW OFF HIGH'
3/20 Getting on one month with no price movement; something has to give and it will.

1/4 $DJINET - Daily Candlesticks, 700

3/19 THE 1997 SILICON VALLEY CHART - I love this chart;.....that parabola roof and floor began in 1997 - just ahead of the 2000 crash.

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