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-The Chinese believe in constant change; they see nature in circles (cycles) while we in the West tend to think linear....it is why you see so many straight lines and very little parabola in Western Technical Analysis.
-UVXY has to tag ahead of any market top out....today 15.71 Me thinks this Thursday...then a mini crash to come. Tree shaking da shorts ahead of the move...classic they need short covering to sell there longs into it!
-Been toying more and more with this relational modeling; much of it rests offsite until I figure out how it works and if it even works. Relational as in kinship, nothing works unless you marry it to something else then it changes the whole picture. Mix this in a bit on our charts, will continue to run and experiment with this idea offsite; and learn. China and its currency shall play a greater and greater role in our indexes as it takes over from dollar in the coming years; and perhaps even Europe as well. I want us to be ahead of that curve.
-If China does start a wave of devaluations and we see it in the current Yuan charts we will set up even more, we are ready. INDU could be setting up for a fall based off the Yuan/INDU chart it looks like 2015 all over again.
-Take a look at the two models I put together last night; one for gold and the other indu. You can see the dow has only completed a c top; so we see a small correction and then back up. Should take a few months to complete this pattern. Gold in this model you can see the relational is headed down to that e touch; which means gold rallies into that low. It seems Germany plays a bigger role in the overall market then I would have imagined; but there it is; in these charts.
-Seeing some real interesting stuff; incredible and I feel in this electronic; algo age this is the road ahead in chart modeling. Been toying with the Vix all morning; seeing how it reacts with all kinds of global indexes; experimenting with it all to find the best indicators to marry.
-Putting up our first Bitc

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Energy Producers XOP, BP, for example, recently admitted that its finances will not breakeven unless oil trades at roughly $60 per barrel. Recall that the initial trigger for the global financial crisis was about $US500bn worth of losses on US mortgages. Gave cites figures [showing] that through the magnifying effects of derivatives markets, that wiped some $US7 trillion from global GDP and $US28 trillion from global equity markets. View the US$5.4 trillion alternative energy sector debt, mainly associated with the US fracking boom, through the magnifying effects of derivatives and you begin to see the scale of calamity soon to befall the worlds financial institutions.
-I ran over 300 balance sheet in this space; the debt load is incredible high; the above is very true, it is something you never see in the news and no one talks about it; we do.
- Monetary Crisis Cycle starting in 2018, the Sovereign Debt Crisis also to begin heating up in 2018, and the Pension Crisis.
-Vertical Markets; Plateau Move; Phase Transition basing pattern then up; Pennants; Vs
-Nikkei down; Yen Up; Gold Up...Right then and there I began to realize that giving advice depended COMPLETELY upon your currency base.

0b German Government Bonds/Gold Relational Model

This is the e ticket ride; rational modeling - global capital flowing through digital wires from one asset class to another.

0b German Government Bonds/INDU Relational Model

-Here is the top out model; a few more months; this is really nice and I thank Katherin for sending me some data that inspired me to create this chart; its wonderful and thank you. That idea related more to the bottom in the dollar but it applies to the INDU as well. Worked all day around the idea and this is how it came up! Have developed a model for the dollar and when it alerts for the low will share it here.
-Agree this is just a c touch; we are looking at minor pullback then the final run into the high.
-Nice setup here; lets see how it performs in the next few months.

0b UVXY entry chart

0c Italy Leads The Next Global Crash Model

0d Yuan/INDU Relational Model 6 Months

0i Yuan/Biotech Relational Model

This is the kind of chart that can really give us an edge/window into this market; how will this big selloff in Yuan affect biotech?
-Or does this chart provide nothing? Cannot tell you till we watch it unfold; have about 20 of these on an offsite list, (will grow to 100s in time) watch to see what works and what does not; leaving some up onsite like this one so we can watch it together.
-This is what we are after; to learn; grow and get that edge. To me looks like biotech headed for a big fall!

0i Yuan/Oil Producers Relational Model

0j Yuan/US Dollar Relational Model

Major moves in the dollar/yuan cross exchange rate (USD/CNY) have had powerful impacts on global markets. The August 2015 surprise yuan devaluation sent U.S. stocks reeling. Another slower devaluation did the same in early 2016. A stronger yuan in 2017 coincided with the Trump stock rally. A new devaluation is now underway and U.S. stocks may suffer again.

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