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Thursday on close update.
-We have a lot to talk about here on Friday and in the Forecaster this weekend. It feels like someone leaked my Special Report on the DOW 30. Today Boeing and Cat hammered, do you know both are bankrupt and Boeing is the worst of the worst on the DOW; people are starting to wake up to reality. Special Report on that as I said this weekend! Truly felt like a bounce due to a technical thing I saw in the chart; then again perhaps my first thought and DOW at 11000 into May is right and will talk about all that going into this and over the weekend; thanks West.
-24749 that has to go and forget the bounce....it held on close and we have a very oversold Ult indicator on INDU, SPX and Compq and that calls for a bounce.
-Will work on charts this weekend once data settles down via Friday; we are very oversold here going into Friday and will do nothing as I will never enter trades ahead of a weekend; we will update the charts; talk in the Forecaster and then see what Monday brings! SPX NOW HAS 4 GAPS LEFT OPEN ABOVE!
-The good news is made some coin on that SOX entry yesterday and sitting on a pile of cash and that feels so good as tons of opportunity lies ahead if your powder is dry and safe!


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