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15 Aug 11:15--We were busy getting our middle daughter off to West Virginia University this past weekend. Now only our little first grader left in the nest. Yesterday bought back DSLV after getting stopped out over NK saga. Reversal yielded a nice bump up. Set a 3% Trailing Stop Loss. GBTC Area chart is working well. Watching UVXY. and Frontier Lithium. Good news should be coming out about the prefeasbility study next month. Have a great day. And thank you to those that still continue to support my chart listing as I transition back to school. Will be working in private school and not going back to public school, hopefully ever.

02 Aug 9:50 AM-Bought DSLV. Have a great day!

27 July 12:30. Back from vacation. Sold $USLV this morning for a 20% profit. Made a quick 4.8% profit off UGAZ. Now I am 'hero to zero', lol. Again, thanks to those of you who continued to vote while I took a break.

16 July 4:30: Had a great weekend. Leaving for North Carolina on vacation to the beach tomorrow. It is the first time in four years that all five of us have been able to go together for our annually beach trip. Plus, it's our oldest daughter's 21st Birthday as well.

This past week UGAZ and USLV were very good to me, and I did take profits from UGAZ. For me, trading natural gas is crazy and stressful. On watch is DWT and DSLV. These two ETFs have great income potential. Using the Daily 5 Month Heiken-Ashi takes most of the choppiness out.

LABU also had a crossover for a buy. It could be a decent week for LABU with the fact McCain will be in surgery in Arizona and the healthcare bill is being postponed until he can actually vote. Traditionally, profit making is slower for LABU in July, and will drop off at the beginning of August. I think the above ETFs I mentioned are a great alternative to trading the miners and natural gas, unless you are doing options (I don't, but I am learning through the Fidelity website). I just want to learn more about options, not necessarily to excise them right now.

I will


! ! ! ! AAAA Frontier Lithium Weekly Renko, 1280

$BRENT - Daily Heikin-Ashi, Custom (900X1900)

$INDU (a) - 2 hour Area 45 Day Area

$INDU - 1 hour Area, 1280

$INDU - 10 min Candlesticks, 1280

$NASI - Daily Candlesticks, 1280

$NATGAS - Weekly 3 Month Renko, 1280

$NATGAS - Weekly 7 Month Renko, 1280

$SILVER - Weekly Renko, 1280

$SPX - 1 hour Solid Line, Custom (900X850)

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