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3/18 12:30 PM- This past week was a great week for trading JNUG and JDST. On Wednesday alone, made 15% trading JNUG. At 2PM that today, the biggest volume buy on JNUG occurred that was triple the volume compared to the late December buy-in. On the one year $GOLD chart, there is a crossover for on the MACD and a solid turn up on the Full Sto for a possible gold rally: see chart.

This chart list has some of the best gold charts to trade from. However if there is one chart you can't go wrong with- it is the 3 min. 2 day SCALP chart. One thing to remember, however, the Gold ETF must be the trend. Between the scalp charts, my gold ETF charts, and another Stockcharts Gold ETF author, Clayton Tom, comparisons between our gold charts can be made and you can see for yourself that JNUG is the trend. Mr. Tom's gold charts are good ones to study and follow as well. Please give him a vote and a follow as well for his hard work.

About 3:30 on Friday, the JNUG 3 min. Scalp turned pink (to indicate the buy). I picked up more shares then to add to my already existing shares from earlier in the week. If you did not get in late Friday, there still maybe another chance Monday morning.

As for the Biotechs, I am staying away for now until the Affordable Care Act is approved by the President and then voted on. This is the reason why the Biotechs are not moving. Therefore, I am staying away for now because there is no clear direction, and there is no reason for my money to sit in LABD and only move up $0.30 every other day, when I can get real moves from JNUG and JDST.

I did add a new chart with help from my Dad-it is the JNUG 2 hr. Candlestick.

Finally, I deleted a few charts that were duplicates of other ones, and put the important Gold ETF charts at the front of the list. All other ETFs an be found alphabetized on the list to make it easier to find within a 200 chart list. ---


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 4JNUG - 15 min Candlesticks, 1280 3

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 4$GOLD - 20 Mo Daily Candlestick, 1280

! ! ! ! ! ! ! kJNUG - 1 hour Area, 1280

! ! ! ! ! ! !kJNUG - BEST CHART Daily15 Day Renko

! ! ! ! ! ! JNUG - 2 min Heikin-Ashi

! ! ! ! ! ! k$HUI - 1 hour Area, 1280

! ! ! ! ! ! kJDST - 1 hour Area

! ! ! ! ! ! kJNUG - 3 min Area, SCALP ONLY

! ! ! ! ! ! kJNUG - 3 min Elder Impulse System, 1280

! ! ! ! ! ! kJNUG - 30 min Area, 1280

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