Press Launches New Interactive, Full-Screen Advanced Technical Charting And Trading Platform, StockChartsACP

September 23rd, 2020

Introducing StockChartsACP

September 23rd, 2020 (REDMOND, WA) - has announced the official launch of its new interactive, full-screen Advanced Charting Platform, StockChartsACP. Designed to bring online investors a dynamic, ultra-flexible, all-in-one charting package, the new platform is the next generation of StockCharts technology and arguably the company's most signficant new feature addition since the launch of its legacy charting workbench, SharpCharts.

StockChartsACP features a highly interactive and customizable user experience with multi-chart layouts, real-time streaming data, dozens of indicators and overlays and exclusive plug-ins from a variety of renowned technical analysts.

As part of the StockChartsACP launch, the company presented a unique two-hour live streamed launch event on its 24/7 web TV channel, StockCharts TV. The event, which took place on September 22nd, was jointly hosted by StockCharts founder and President Chip Anderson, Vice President of Operations Grayson Roze and Chief Market Strategist David Keller.

Titled "Introducing StockChartsACP: The Future of Technical Analysis", the presentation featured a series of exclusive discussions with distinguished charting experts, including John Murphy, Ralph Acampora, Martin Pring, Larry Williams, Arthur Hill, Dave Landry, Mish Schneider and others. Guests shared their unique perspectives on how charting and technical analysis have evolved over many decades, while also exploring the features of ACP and showcasing how they are using the new StockCharts platform in their own approach to analyzing the financial markets.

To close out the presentation, Chip Anderson was joined by Dan Raju, CEO and co-founder of Tradier Brokerage, for a surprise announcement. Expanding upon the existing equities trading integration in StockChartsACP, Mr. Raju and Mr. Anderson jointly unveiled the addition of flat-rate $25/month unlimited options trading directly from StockChartsACP. For a simple low monthly fee in lieu of traditional per-contract pricing, Tradier Brokerage customers can now trade options freely from StockCharts' Advanced Charting Platform.

"Behind the scenes, StockChartsACP has been a massive team effort for more than three years," said Grayson Roze, StockCharts VP of Operations. "To see this new platform come to life is one thing, but the incredible reception to it already amongst our users, that has just been a true joy. With interactive charting experience, the unique plug-in model and now the expanded trading capabilities through Tradier Brokerage, this really is the start of a bright new future for StockCharts and our thriving community of online chartists."

The new StockChartsACP tool is available now on Users can easily explore the extensive charting features of the platform for free simply by visiting from their desktop, laptop or tablet. More information about the platform's capabilities and features can also be found at

The launch event, "Introducing StockChartsACP: The Future of Technical Analysis", is available to watch on the StockCharts YouTube channel at The full event recording can also be seen in the video below.

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